Gairdner Trophy

  • 30th January 2020

Dundonald Curling Club’s Gairdner Trophy is competed for annually between four rinks from each of Dundonald, Troon and Kilmarnock. With the amalgamation of the last Kilmarnock club, Townend, into the Land o’Burns Curling Club a few years ago, we now have a Kilmarnock “select” with two rinks from the Land o’Burns and one each from the Riccarton and Darvel clubs.

Troon Portland were the holders of the trophy having won it for the last two years and this year we were represented by rinks skipped by Davie Kerr, Jack McCorkell, Kirsty Letton and Bert McKay.

Jack’s rink succumbed to one of the Land o’Burns rinks and Bert fared likewise against Darvel. Davie and Kirsty were up against Dundonald rinks with Davie winning by two and Kirsty by four.

Overall Dundonald won one game and Troon Portland two but it was the Kilmarnock “select” which was the winner on the night with three victories with the trophy being presented to the winning rink from the Riccarton Club by Dundonald President Morag Evans after the company enjoyed an excellent supper.

The winning Riccarton rink – l to r Robbie Gray, Jim Wilson (skip), Jimmy Smillie, and
Alastair Hunter