Carlow Cup

The Carlow Cup was first played for in the 1986-87 early evening league.  The cup was gifted to the club by Mr & Mrs Charles Carlow.  Charles (Charlie) was a longstanding servant to the Club.  He held the post of Secretary for 16 years, having previously served as Vice President and President.

The Carlow Cup trophy (for the 2022-23 season) is currently held by Aileen McCorkell, Alison Young/Robina Gilbertson, Tricia Moss, and Brian Hignett.

The Carlow Cup was not played during the 2020-21 season due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

All Carlow Cup games are played at 3:00 pm.

Schedule and Results for 2023 – 24 Season

Teams for 2023 – 24 Season*

Past Winners

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