AGM 2018

President Ewan Marr addresses guests at the AGM


Winners of the Martin Inkstand, Charles Sutherland, Olivia Johnstone, and Jack McCorkell. (Not pictured: Wendy Hollingworth)

Winners of the Carlow Cup, Jack McCorkell, Lillian McIntyre and Grant Donald. (Not pictured: Freda Miller)

Winners of the Lochend Trophy, Ian Snodgrass, Mara Lindsay, and David McIntyre. (Not pictured: Joe Miller)

Winners of the Norma Cairns Smith Silver Salver, Alan Caldow, Janice Sutherland, Lisa Mason and Davie Kerr.

Winner of the Sheriff’s Medal at Points, Lisa Mason.

Winner of the Howie Cup Pairs Competition, Alan Caldow. (Not pictured, Bert McKay)

Winners of the Letton Stone, Lisa Mason and Aileen McCorkell. (Not pictured: Ian Mackin and Craig Paterson)

Winner of the Stranraer Quaich, Renee Murray. (Not pictured: Bert McKay, Alison Young, and Doug Hollingsworth)