Results – Carlow Cup

League Standings - Carlow Cup

Team PlayedWinLoss DrawShots +/-EndsPoints
Team A0000000
Team B0000000
Team C0000000
Team D0000000
Team E0000000

All games are played at 5:15 pm.
** Please note the 8th December game is on a WEDNESDAY, not Thursday.

Game Schedule and Results - Carlow Cup

Teamvs.DayDateShotsEndsShots +/-
Team A (TBD)Team BThursday07/10/2021
Team ATeam CThursday21/10/2021
Team ATeam DThursday11/11/2021
Team ATeam EThursday25/11/2021
Team ABYEWednesday08/12/2021
Team ATeam BThursday13/01/2022
Team ATeam CThursday27/01/2022
Team ATeam DThursday10/02/2022
Team ATeam EThursday24/02/2022
Team ABYEThursday10/03/2022
Total Team A
Team B (TBD)Team AThursday07/10/2021
Team BBYEThursday21/10/2021
Team BTeam EThursday11/11/2021
Team BTeam CThursday25/11/2021
Team BTeam DWednesday08/12/2021
Team BTeam AThursday13/01/2022
Team BBYEThursday27/01/2022
Team BTeam EThursday10/02/2022
Team BTeam CThursday24/02/2022
Team BTeam DThursday10/03/2022
Total Team B
Team C (TBD)Team DThursday07/10/2021
Team CTeam AThursday21/10/2021
Team CBYEThursday11/11/2021
Team CTeam BThursday25/11/2021
Team CTeam EWednesday08/12/2021
Team CTeam DThursday13/01/2022
Team CTeam AThursday27/01/2022
Team CBYEThursday10/02/2022
Team CTeam BThursday24/02/2022
Team CTeam EThursday10/03/2022
Total Team C
Team D (TBD)Team CThursday07/10/2021
Team DTeam EThursday21/10/2021
Team DTeam AThursday11/11/2021
Team DBYEThursday25/11/2021
Team DTeam BWednesday08/12/2021
Team DTeam CThursday13/01/2022
Team DTeam EThursday27/01/2022
Team DTeam AThursday10/02/2022
Team DBYEThursday24/02/2022
Team DTeam BThursday10/03/2022
Total Team D
Team E (TBD)BYEThursday07/10/2021
Team ETeam DThursday21/10/2021
Team ETeam BThursday11/11/2021
Team ETeam AThursday25/11/2021
Team ETeam CWednesday08/12/2021
Team EBYEThursday13/01/2022
Team ETeam DThursday27/01/2022
Team ETeam BThursday10/02/2022
Team ETeam AThursday24/02/2022
Team ETeam CThursday10/03/2022
Total Team E