Troon Portland Wins Gairdner Trophy

  • 29th January 2019

Troon Portland took home the Gairdner Trophy on Monday night, 27 January. Four Troon Portland competed against teams from Dundonald and Kilmarnock. All four TPCC teams won their matches, giving Troon 8 points in the overall competition and securing a victory.

Andrew Kerr skipped the top scoring rink from Troon Portland, along with Lisa Mason, Robina Gilbertson and Joe Miller. They beat a Dundonald team skipped by Morag Evans in a close game, scoring three in the final end to win 8 – 2.

The current Gairdner Trophy dates from 2000. The original trophy was stolen from the late David Smith’s house, along with a number of other trophies, and was never recovered.