AGM 2022

Winners of the Howie Cup: David McIntyre and Alison Young (not pictured)
Lochend Trophy Winners: Janice Sutherland and Robina Gilbertson. Will Morton and skip Alison Young not pictured.
Winners of the Norma Cairns-Smith Silver Salver: Davie Kerr, Lilian McIntyre, Janice Sutherland and Andrew Kerr.
The Martin Inkstand Winners: Jamie Mason, Freda Miller, Alastair Fyall and Andrew Kerr.
Winners of the Carlow Cup: David Kerr, Alastair Fyall,
Brian Hignett and Alison Young (not pictured)
TPCC President Janice Sutherland presents
Honorary Club Membership to Andrew Kerr.